About Me!

“Mid-40’s and muddling through” describes how I feel most of the time.  I’m guessing its how a lot of people feel.  I am in my mid-40’s (but in my head I’m really only 22), mom of two, wife, attorney.  The ocean and my barn are my “happy places”.  I love to read, travel, garden and hang out with my dog and horses.  Coffee, curry and ice cream are my favorite foods.

Sometimes I totally think I have life figured out.  Most of the time I’m wondering what the hell I’m doing.  I struggle with self-confidence, balancing the demands of my family and doing anything at all for myself, thinking that I’m overweight, and putting on eyeliner.

I’ve started and forgotten the password to blogs before.  I do love to write and I’m hoping here to finally find my “voice”.  Maybe some (or at least one) of you will find what I have to say interesting, amusing or at least go, “Hey, yeah, that’s me too!!”