Need a Summer Re-Start

My kids have been out of school for less than a week.  Wait, is that really possible??  (Consulting calendar)  Yes . . . the youngest “graduated” from 8th grade a week ago today and the oldest finished up 10th grade last Thursday.  So we’re just one week into summer break.

And it hasn’t been an easy week.  I’d like to re-wind and start over.

The first weekend of summer (last weekend), we scheduled to have a few of my Scouts “camp” here so they could knock out a bunch of their cooking requirements.  By Saturday afternoon everyone was tired, crabby, hot, and definitely didn’t want to do their required cooking.  By 9:30 Saturday night, we had slogged through the cooking and a few other requirements and kids went home early.  But not before we had tears and me swearing I was done with Scoutmaster-ing.

However, it wound up being a great thing that kids went home early because Sunday morning, we were awoken by our beloved 6 year old, yellow Lab having a full-blown grand mal seizure.  It was terrible.  Absolutely awful and terrifying.  We were all hysterical.  Then, it got worse.  When he stopped seizing, he was completely disoriented, didn’t recognize any of us and became extremely aggressive.  He was snarling, growling, barking and definitely would have bitten.  We finally got him outside without anyone being bitten.  But having their best friend lunge at them sent my kids over the edge.  And left me wondering how on earth I was going to get my snarling dog in a crate and to the vet.

Thankfully, he returned to himself within about 15 minutes, let me put a leash on him, got in a crate (which he never, ever goes in) and off to the emergency vet we went.  Since then, he hasn’t had any more seizures.  We followed up with our regular vet yesterday and started medication, which he’ll have to have twice a day for the rest of his life.

The vet said that, should he have another seizure, the extreme aggressiveness will likely be his pattern.  So  now we have a “dog seizure protocol”.  Its been traumatic.

And finally, my oldest has decided to change Scout troops.  This decision has been building for a few weeks and it hasn’t been easy.  We’ve had a lot of conversations about it and last night, there were a lot of tears over it.

So, that’s been our first week of summer.  Fabulous, right?  I suppose it can only get better from here!

Its a Good Idea to Label Your Garden

We plant a garden every year; usually at least four tomato plants, some lettuce, carrots, lemon cucumber, potatoes, and whatever else.  I’ve given up on zucchini.  Everyone around here plants zucchini, it grows like crazy, everyone always has too much zucchini and is trying to give it away, and, at least in my house, no one really likes it.

This year, I bought a ton of seeds for cool, funky, heirloom vegetables from the Baker Seed Company catalog.  I made the mistake of assuming most of them wouldn’t grow.  So, to start my seeds, I dumped a whole bunch of seeds into my little seed starting containers.

Surprise!  The majority of them popped right up.  Then, I was faced with the problem of root tangle.  So, I just transplanted them in clumps.  Now I have a clump of tomato plants, for example.  None of which are getting very big.  Hmmmm . . .

But my bigger problem is with the seeds I direct sowed into the garden beds.  For some unknown reason, I didn’t keep track of what I planted in any way.  So now I’m faced with this:

20190530_112754  What are baby veggies and what are weeds??  I’ve got no idea!!!  I planted a couple of different things in each container so I’m not even sure what veggies to look for.

Yesterday, as I was studying  my budding garden and this problem was dawning on me, I tried to look for patterns . . . like, similar looking plants in a row.  That helped in a few containers; I think I identified some baby beets.  But overall, its going to be garden surprise!

So, folks, remember to label your garden!!!!