Hourly Weather Checks

O.k., this is going to be a short post  . . . I’ve been anxiously wanting to write about this for days now but haven’t had time . . .

For the past 10 days now, I’ve been neurotically checking the weather.  By “neurotically” I mean at least 6 or 8 times a day, sometimes hourly.  It simply CANNOT rain this coming Thursday, March 21.

March 21, the day after tomorrow is my son’s 16th birthday.  He plans to celebrate by taking his solo flights in both an airplane and a helicopter.   Soloing on your 16th birthday is a HUGE aviation tradition – one that’s hard to achieve.  Soloing in both an airplane and helicopter on your 16th birthday is pretty rare – super hard to achieve!

So, it simply cannot rain.  Because he cannot fly in the rain.  Here’s how the forecast looks at the moment:


See why I’m more than a little nervous?  See why WeatherUnderground.com is constantly open on my computer?

He has worked so, so hard for this.  He understands, of course, that we can’t control the weather, but he’ll be disappointed if he misses this milestone on his actual birthday.

So please!!!  Join me in my prayers for sun!  Or do a Sun Dance!!!  Or just send good, anti-rain vibes our way!!!  Thanks!

Rainy Day Struggle

I love the rain.  I love to just sit in my quiet house and watch the rain.  Here’s the view off my back porch . . .

20190116_141643  Our rain always comes from the west, which, conveniently, is the direction my view is.  So I just sit and watch the rain roll across the valley.  Its quite lovely.

And that is what leads to my struggle.  I get very, very little done!

I’ve sat here and stared out the window.  I’ve checked http://www.bayequest.com for new horses to buy.  (I do not need another horse!)  I’ve checked http://www.wunderground.com to see how much more rain is coming.  I play HayDay on my phone.  And, the piles of things I should do, need to do, keep getting higher.

I decide I’m hungry so I wander to the kitchen and find something to eat.  Great, now I’m getting fat while getting nothing productive done!

I consider things to write about for future blog posts.

I get upset that I’m not getting anything done.

Its supposed to rain more tomorrow!!  I do love watching the rain.